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Found in a variety of fur colors, mice are known for their big ears and long tail.

Item: 14406
Item size: : 1.77 × 0.79 × 1.77 inch
  • Binomial name: Mus musculus
  • Conservations status: Domesticated [DO]
  • Global Home: Worldwide

Females, if bred, could give birth every three weeks to a litter of twelve.

As very social animals, mice depend on other mice for warmth, because of their size, and for companionship, because they are used to having big families. Mice love to hide and to exercise. When it comes to food, they'll eat their veggies. Since they get most of the moisture they need from what they eat, mice don't need to drink very much. To keep their front teeth healthy, mice like to chew on wood.

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