Mini dinosaurs with water hole puzzle

Mini dinosaurs with water hole puzzle

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7.3 x 2 x 6.5 inch (W x D x H)
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4-12 years
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The Mini Dinosaurs are great fun to collect! This set also contains a puzzle with the "waterhole" motif in addition to the Ichthyosaurus, Mosasaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, and Spinosaurus.
In the "waterholes" set you will find dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles that lived on or in the water. The Quetzalcoatlus could be found above the water surface, where it used its long beak to peck for fish in shallow water. The Spinosaurus is also believed to have mainly stayed near water. The Ichthyosaurus, which was just two metres long, could be found under water. The Mosasaurus was much bigger in comparison. The marine reptile was 18 metres long and resembled a crocodile with dolphin fins. Can be combined with the swamp puzzle!
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Fun Fact

The Ichthyosaurus was a mere two metres long, the Mosasaurus an impressive 18 metres.


1 x puzzle, 1 x mini ichthyosaurus, 1 x mini mosasaurus, 1 x mini spinosaurus, 1 x mini quetzalcoatlus

Scientific facts

  • Conservation Status : Extinct