Our Promise

With our Schleich products, children learn what animals really look like while playing. They learn more about the animals’ natural habitats and the way they interact with each other. At the same time, this conveys to them the basics about responsible cohabitation between humans and animals.

We regard our figures as educationally valuable toys with which you can do your children good. They help stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, mould their social behaviour, and promote their development. Our unique figures help achieve all this for both your and your children’s sake. We craft our figures with great attention to detail, from the first sketch to the final design of the lifelike figures. Each one of our figures is unique and is still painted by hand today. We believe that children can feel this individuality. Figures turn into beloved friends and loyal, daily companions that are indispensable for children’s bedrooms. With passion, we conceive new ideas every day in order to cultivate a lasting, wonderful bond with your child. This way, you will find suitable figures with their own individual habitat for children of all tastes and ages in the colourful Schleich shelves. Day for day, our aim is to be a company which lights up children’s eyes with its products and excites parents as well.