Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

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The Proboscis Monkey from Schleich® WILD LIFE has a unique feature that immediately catches your eye: A large, pear-shaped nose.
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3,86 x 1,14 x 1,81 inch (W x D x H)
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3-8 years
  • Schleich® figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play.
  • This item is part of the WILD LIFE theme world and is suitable for children aged 3-8
Additional Information
The Proboscis Monkey from Schleich® WILD LIFE is a primate that lives in rainforests and mangrove forests on the Asian island of Borneo. The males have a strikingly large nose that can be up to 10 cm long. But they don’t have a strong sense of smell. Researchers believe that it is used to impress females. Proboscis Monkeys are day-active mammals who live in small groups and feed on leaves and fruits.

Fun Fact

Amongst primates, Proboscis Monkeys are the best swimmers. They can even dive well.

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Nasalis larvatus
  • Global Home : Asia
  • Primary habitat : Swamp Forest, Subtropical Forest
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