Hey there, where do you come from? From Smurf Village...

Papa Smurf, Smurfette...say it in blue and smurf yourself into the hearts of your loved ones. You can find the right Smurf for every occasion!

Welcome to the enchanted land! There’s so much to discover for Schleich® fans young and old. So let’s head out of the Smurf house and join the fun, when Smurf Village hosts the soccer World Cup. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Vanity Smurf and the other blue friends know exactly how to celebrate a party! But beware: evil wizard Gargamel and his feline friend Azrael are lying in wait to capture the Smurfs!  

With the Smurf figures the blue world of the Smurfs can be brought right into the playroom. And the collectibles are perfect as a gift! After all, Smurf Village is even more fun when it’s shared.

Our Products

  1. Smurf with present
    Smurf with present
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.99
  2. Greedy Smurf
    Greedy Smurf
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.99
  3. Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf
  4. Brainy Smurf
    Brainy Smurf
    Special Price £2.50 Regular Price £4.99
  5. Smurf with clover leaf
    Smurf with clover leaf
  6. Handy Smurf
    Handy Smurf
  7. Chef Smurf
    Chef Smurf
  8. Good luck Smurf
    Good luck Smurf
  9. Smurfette with flower
    Smurfette with flower
  10. Vanity Smurf
    Vanity Smurf

The Soccer Smurfs

Calling all soccer fans, young and old! The World Cup is being hosted in Smurf Village this year. Discover our top players from the blue team!

The Gift Smurfs

What are Smurfs particularly good at? Singing, dancing and…celebrating! Smurf yourself into the hearts of your loved ones – for any occasion.