HORSE CLUB – It’s all about friendship and a love of riding here

Elegant horses, attractive stables, large paddocks, a rider café and the Lakeside riding stables…the schleich® HORSE CLUB is a genuine horse riders’ paradise.

Welcome to Schleich® HORSE CLUB! The countless figures and complete playsets will bring a sparkle to every horse fan’s eyes!   

At the center of the rider's paradise is the horse stables – the ideal place to head off for a first ride with your young Schleich® fans over the meadows of Lakeside!  

 At the wash area in front of the stable, there's plenty of time for horse grooming. Next to the stable, the young Hanoverian foal is whinnying excitedly in his horse box. Outside the stables the vet has just arrived with her pick-up truck. Hopefully the foal will soon be able to horse around with his foal friends on the carpet again!  

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    1. Suitable for toddlers
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      Horse Transporter

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      Lakeside Riding Center

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      Pick up with horse box

    12. Tack Room Extension

    13. Horse Shop

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      Rider Café

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      Wedding Carriage

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