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We are Team Dino

The Story

We are Team Dino

Deep in the Amazon Jungle, the three brothers Maxx, Luis and Flynn Colby discover the last living dinosaurs. With great bravery, they rescue injured animals and take them to their Large Research Station. Face-to-face with fearsome giant dinosaurs, like the carnivorous T-Rex, they face great danger. But they only have one mission: The Dinosaurs must survive!

Into the Jungle

Professor Dr. Arthur Colby is a world-famous Dinosaur Researcher. He invites his sons Maxx, Luis and Flynn to the Brazilian Jungle. They are amazed that their father runs a secret research station for dinosaurs here! The three brothers are going to take over responsibility for the station. Their father wants to retire and only occasionally use video chat to follow the exciting adventures that Maxx, Luis and Flynn experience in the Amazon Jungle. Of course, the first Dino adventure is not long coming! The boys new dino friend, Mr. Brachio, is being attacked by a red Velociraptor. Will the Colbys be able to get there in time?

The cheat sheet for dinosaur explorers

Deep in the jungle there is a hidden secret: a few dinosaurs were able to survive the last Ice Age. Now Tyrannosaurus Rex and Raptor are roaming the forests in the world of DINOSAURS and want to conquer the world.

Luckily, the explorer Maxx and his friends at the research station keep an eye on the last remaining survivors. With the help of their helicopter and off-road vehicle, they study the dinos up close.

Suddenly there's a rumbling in the distance…Is that just a Brontosaurus with an upset tummy, or is the fire-spewing volcano about to erupt?

Discover the world of DINOSAURS from the comfort of your home and awaken the curiosity of future explorers!

We are Team Dino

The Colby Brothers

Maxx is the oldest and most level-headed of the three brothers. He wanted to become a world-famous Dino Researcher as a child. Will he succeed?

Maxx knows everything about dinosaurs and is excited to take over his father's research station. His years of martial arts training helps him when he faces an arrow-fast Velociraptor and has to protect his brothers. His favourite colour is blue, and his most distinctive features are his beard and leather hat. He says: "Think first, then act."


Luis never thought that he would ever meet real dinosaurs. And honestly, he's actually afraid of them! But that doesn't help matters - his brothers really need his help!

Luis is interested in technology and natural sciences. In every free minute he invents new tools and gadgets and improves the contents of his tool box. While his brothers are heading to the jungle, he prefers to stay in the research station. But if his brothers need him, he is there with them and even sometimes saves their lives. His favourite colour is yellow.


Flynn is the youngest of the three brothers and a daredevil joker and YouTuber. He found the study of paleontology boring until one day this happened …

Flynn changed his mind about dinosaurs when a newly-hatched Stegosaurus thinks he is his mother and then he saves a baby Ankylosaurus from a Velociraptor. Even with no internet in the Jungle, thanks to his brother Luis, Flynn has found a way to tell his friends about the adventures from the research station. But of course they are top secret! Flynn's favourite colour is red.

Discover the Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex Blue

The King of dinosaurs! With a length of up to 43' and a height of 23', it was one of the largest carnivores living in the country. It is believed that the T-Rex had an excellent sense of smell.


The dinosaurs of the genus Postosuchus are among the oldest dinosaurs of all. They are close relatives of today's crocodiles, and had long, narrow distinctive snouts. Most of the time they walked on four legs, but could also stand on their hind legs to catch prey with their claws. The sharp, dagger-like teeth cane be seen in their strong, flexible jaw.


When the dinosaurs of the genus Cryolophosaurus open their mobile jaws, dangerous teeth can be seen! In the Lower Jurassic Period they were the largest carnivorous dinosaurs. Cryolophosaurus fossils have been discovered in Antarctica. At that time, this part of the world was not covered with ice, but with large forests.


Agustinia is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous Period of South America.These dinosaurs have long, narrow spines along their back, which make them distinctive. They probably didn't use their spines and plates to attack, but only to protect them from carnivorous dinosaurs. They are harmless herbivores.


The Baryonyx has a flexible jaw with dangerous, saw-like teeth. These dinosaurs probably hunted mainly in the water, with a special shaped snout that could be immersed perfectly in water to catch fish. They also have unusually large and heavy, hook-shaped thumb claws to hold onto their prey.


Ankylosaurus is a genus of armoured dinosaur, with a tail club and is armoured all around with bone plates. These herbivorous dinosaurs do not go hunting, but can definitely defend themselves! When they feel threatened, they fling their heavy, bony tail club towards the attackers. They could probably even crush large bones with it.

Large Dino Research Station

In addition to the command centre, the Large Dino Research Station has a viewing platform with a swiveling arrow cannon and a crane with winch. In the lower section there is a quarantine area for freshly caught dinosaurs. Initial examinations can be conducted here. Oh no! The Velociraptor has broken free! Can Maxx catch him again with his staff weapon?


On a secret mission with the Colby Brothers

Come along with the three brothers Maxx, Luis and Flynn deep into the Amazon jungle. Discover and explore the different species of dinosaurs and keep the secret of their existence together with the Colby Brothers. Do you wonder what there is for them to do at the research station?

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Danger in the Jungle

Fortunately, the Colby Brothers are not alone at the secret research station. Yuki teaches them her knowledge about the last dinosaurs on earth. Luckily, Yuki is there, because there's a rambunctious velociraptor at the research station! Can the Colby Brothers recapture him?

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Adventure on Volcano Expedition Base Camp

There is much to discover in the jungle! Near a volcano, Yuki and the Colby Brothers observe a herd of Saichania. But it doesn't stay quiet for long, because the earth suddenly starts to shake! Will Yuki, Maxx and Luis make it to safety in time?

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Attack of the Giganotosaurus

Alarm at the dino research station - a new mission for the Colby Brothers! A triceratops is in distress and they have to help him. He's stuck in the swamp! Together the brothers they set out on a mission to help. Will they manage to help this dinosaur too?

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Meet Team Dino

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Meet Maxx

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Meet Luis

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Meet Flynn

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Research Center

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Under Attack

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Dino Sling Frequency Rod

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Dino Feeding

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T-Rex Attack

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The Secret of Mr. Brachio

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