Facts and Figures

Ever since 1935, dinosaurs have been flying into space and fairies have been going to the hairdresser. Friedrich Schleich founded the company in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, to promote learning, play, and discovery. Today, you can find our figures and playsets all round the world. The design, production tools, and quality/safety tests are still based in Germany. The figures are produced either at home in Schwäbisch Gmünd or at adventure-packed international locations, from which the finished animal caravan then sets off on an exciting journey.

When the nimble antelope isn’t grazing in the savannah or fleeing hungry lions, it patrols the house with the shadow panther from Eldrador and protects the whole family from evil monsters. Because the nice thing about our figures is that no matter what their existence is like in reality, in children’s playrooms they can be anything. The authentic, highly detailed animal figures, which are lovingly hand-painted, are so tangible for the little storytellers that they make them overbrim with creative ideas while also teaching them about the natural world.

With six rich and varied themed worlds with over 600 individual figures, the possibilities are limitless – and within the extensive product range, there’s something to suit every age. For more inspiration, we also come up with our own stories that breathe life into the figures, working with companies from a range of sectors including Universum KidsFilm, Blue Ocean Entertainment, Friedrich Oetinger, Schmidt Spiele, Ameet Verlag, John Toys, Theo Klein, Nestler, and hama to turn graceful horses and deadly dinosaurs into stars of books, magazines, audiobooks, and games. They even have special merchandise that kids can take with them to school.

All over the globe – in over 60 countries, to be precise – brave lions, legendary mermaids, and all the other Schleich friends are ready for adventure. Our figures are especially popular in Germany, as can be seen from our strong sales there. But international sales, particularly in North America, the UK, and France, now make up over half of our total sales.

Our figures are simply doing a fantastic job in kids’ playrooms! We’re Germany’s market leader for play figures and the seventh largest of the big toymakers, with a 3.9% market share. In 2019, our gross global sales came to over €200 million. The warthog and brontosaurus are pretty happy with that figure, and they swing their hips as they dance with the other Schleich figures.

Udo Rother

Chief Sales Officer

Daniel Rupp

Chief Financial Officer

Dirk Engehausen

Chief Executive Officer

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