With fire-breathing dragons and nasty jungle monsters, there are no limits to your imagination.




The ELDRADOR® world is getting reinforcements. Will the new shadow robots be victorious in the battle for the superweapon?

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NEW: Christmas Reindeer 2023

PRE-LAUNCH: Get the Christmas spirit going with the Christmas Reindeer 2023 with exclusive, special gold paint.

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NEW: Dobby™

The house-elf is only dressed in a pillowcase & hides his arms behind his back.

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NEW: Battle Rhino

The rock-hard Battle Rhino can take down any opponent!

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NEW: Lucky Golden Pig

Only in our shop: The lucky pig in gold with a four-leaf clover in its fur ensures plenty of luck in the new year!

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NEW: Allosaurus

Experience exciting prehistoric adventures with the carnivorous Allosaurus.

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NEW: The new tractor with trailer

Get the new playset with lots of functions now!

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PRE-LAUNCH: Lunar New Year Dragon

The festive dragon for big and small collectors in the PRE-LAUNCH - get it now!

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NEW: Harry Potter™ & Hedwig™

Harry's snowy owl, Hedwig™, faithfully accompanies the wizarding student.

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Wizarding World™ Harry Potter™

A world of magic has arrived for you to play and collect!

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Get ready for highly detailed figures and playsets from schleich® FARM WORLD.


Bring DINOSAURS into the children's room and start the adventures with these prehistoric giants!

HORSE CLUB Sofia's Beauties

Beauty salon, pop-up boutique & horses with combable manes and tails inspire beautiful beauty stories!

Harry Potter™

Discover our brand new Harry Potter™ figures now!

The Schleich sustainability journey

In 5 years, our figures will be recyclable or biodegradable. You want to know more about this?
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ELDRADOR® Master Robot

With lots of great features, like the canon with firing function!
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schleich®: #wherestoriesbegin

Can unicorns walk on a rainbow? Can fairies get dirty? And where do lava dragons actually live?

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Horse luck to touch

Horse products as far as the eye can see: Here you will find everything to do with horses for exciting riding stories.
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