Rider with Lipizzaner mare

Rider with Lipizzaner mare

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24,5 x 5,1 x 18,9 cm (W x D x H)
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5-12 years
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Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard.

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The rider is out in the arena with her Lipizzaner mare. They are practising each dressage movement so that they can win the big dressage competition that is coming up. The rider rewards her beautiful mare each time with a carrot, her favourite treat.
The rider is out in the dressage arena with her Lipizzaner mare. They train almost every day, refining the different dressage movements step by step. The beautiful mare is a keen learner, and so they both enjoy honing their skills. There’s another show coming up – and this time, they intend to win. The rider loves her mare, and always gives her a carrot or another treat whenever she gets a dressage movement right. If they keep going like this, they can definitely win the show.
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Fun Fact

Most Lipizzaners are greys. They are born with dark coats and go white after six to ten years.


1 x Lipizzan mare, 1 x leisure rider, 1 x leisure saddle, 1 x bridle, 1 x green bucket, 1 x carrot

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