Become a great adventurer

Nowadays, many worlds are visualized on screens. But screens can’t show the endless reaches of children’s imaginations. Kids need to be able to do more than just look at the stars of the circus ring in their playrooms – they need to be able to touch them and hold them in their hands so that they can create their own stories and play out their own scenarios. When children play, they don’t just enter their own world; they also automatically develop their creativity and motor skills as lions skulk through the savannah and dolphins glide through the azure-blue water of the ocean.

We give all our figures a species-appropriate home. Our playworlds provide our animals with a habitat that children can intuitively grasp and experience, allowing them to understand the complex wonders of nature and giving them a feel for life in all its endless variety.

We have six extensive themed worlds populated by over 600 animals. Each world followed its own particular path from the initial design through to becoming a new setting for children to play in. These authentic, realistic environments allow kids to feel the wind in their hair and touch the tall grass of the Serengeti as they and their animal friends set off on a boundless journey of discovery.