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7.4 x 6.8 x 2 inch (W x D x H)
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5-12 years
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Michelle’s new friend is a baby seahorse called Miniki. The mermaid loves the adorable little creature more than anything and goes on lots of new adventures with him.
Michelle has a new friend. She calls the little seahorse Miniki. He appeared at the mermaid’s underwater flower garden a few weeks ago and hasn’t left her side since. Miniki follows Michelle wherever she swims. At night, the adorable little creature sleeps on a leaf of Michelle’s flower house, and when the mermaid emerges into the garden Miniki bobs around her with his tail wagging.


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    With a moveable arm!

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    Removable accessory!

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Fun Fact

Miniki loves to nibble on Michelle’s flower canopy or have her feed him ferns.


1 x mermaid, 1 x water lily canopy, 1 x baby seahorse, 1 x giant clam, 1 x fern

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