Dimorphodon and therizinosaurus, small

Dimorphodon and therizinosaurus, small

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The Dimorphodon and Therizinosaurus were probably social prehistoric saurians who formed large groups – the Therizinosaurus on the ground and the Dimorphodon in the air.
The first Dimorphodon existed around 200-175 million years ago. Its beak was particularly striking, because it looked like that of a puffin. The short wings were not really suitable for flying, but the pterosaurs were most probably able to climb just as well as squirrels. In contrast to the Dimorphodon, the Therizinosaurus lived towards the end of the dinosaur era. It had the longest claws out of all the animals that ever lived on earth: they were up to 70 centimetres long. It probably used them to peel the bark off trees.
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Fun Fact

The Dimorphodon was one of the first dinosaurs, and the Therizinosaurus was one of the last.


1 x small dimorphodon, 1 x small therizinosaurus

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Dimorphodon, Therizinosaurus
  • Conservation Status : Extinct