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Perfectly sized for Easter baskets...and epic storytelling adventures.  Find gifts that spark the imagination and activities that promote creativity at home.  

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Big enough to contain endless stories...small enough for Easter baskets and Easter eggs.  With many animal figurines and play sets there is something perfect for everyone.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Perfectly sized for Easter baskets, find gifts that are $14.99 and under from Farm World, Horse Club and more!

Animal and People Play Sets

From barns and stables to vehicles and more, find play sets that will spark your child's imagination!

Spring on the Farm

Spring is an exciting time on the farm! Explore our collection of farm animals.


Explore Horse Club! Transport the horses to the tournament, care for them in the stable, or join the Horse Club friends on exciting adventures.

Unicorn Lovers

In the world of bayala®, there are no limits to your dreams. Find enchanting unicorns and explore gifts for every unicorn lover.

Dinosaur Lovers

Fierce, loud and gigantic. Explore our collection of Dinosaurs and find perfect gifts for every Dinosaur lover.

Shop by Age

Find gifts to inspire creativity and imagination for any age!

3-5 Years

Enhance motor skills in a playful way with animal figurines.

4-8 Years

Our play sets promote creativity and guarantee endless fun!

5-12 Years

Experience fantastic adventures and explore the exciting worlds of Horse Club, Eldrador Creatures and bayala®.

 Easter Favorites

Shop beloved Schleich fan Easter favorites.   Which do you hope to find in your Easter basket?

Create your own Schleich story!

Fill in the blanks to create your own magical Schleich story!  Play alone by choosing words and reading your own story.  Or, ask someone else to choose the words, and read their story back to them!  Your answers will take Drake the Lava Dragon, Parsnip the Rabbit, Lettuce the Lamb, Rainbow Unicorn, Tank the T-Rex, Lana the Llama and Frankline the Donkey Foal on zany adventures that will bring hours of laughter and entertainment.  Use the download links below and then share our completed stories with us on Instagram or Facebook!

Crafts & Activities 

Find Easter crafts and fun activities that will promote creativity at home!

Follow our easy instructions to create your own Easter nest in a jar.

Download instructions

Follow our easy 3 step guide to create your own Farm World Easter decoration.


Follow our easy step by step guide to create your own beautiful cress eggs. 

Download Instructions

Follow our easy instructions to create your own Farm World mobile.

Follow our easy instructions to create your own Farm World Sheep mask!

Download Instructions

Follow our how-to video to create your own Easter gift basket!

Farm World friends

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Can you find the Easter nest?

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Color the rabbit!

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