Farm World Collector's Case Bundle

Farm World Collector's Case Bundle

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6 x 3 x 8 inch (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation
3-8 years
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The Farm World Collector's Case Bundle is the perfect start or addition to any Schleich® collection! This bundle comes with a metal collecting case and 6 baby farm animals.
Our LIMITED EDITION Farm World Collector's Bundle is designed to jump start or add to any Schleich collection. The metal collecting case features space for 18 baby animals and has a top handle for easy transport to a friend's house, visiting grandparents, or simply storing them at home. Each bundle includes a Farm World collecting case and 6 Farm World baby animals to fill it with. Pair this bundle with the Large Farm with Black Angus for many fantastic adventures!


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    Space for 18 baby animals

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Fun Fact

Did you know? There are over 25 Farm World baby animals you can collect!


1 x Farm World Collecting Case, 1 x American Shorthair Cat, 1 x Jack Russell Terrier, 1 x Piglet, Standing, 1 x Rabbit, 1 x Golden Retriever, Female and 1 x Lamb

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