Fun and More

With our ideas you’re guaranteed never to get bored at home

Bored of your Schleich crew? Then find some fun entertainment in our list of craft projects and games.

No idea what gift to give? We’ll help

Some people are good at gifts, others not so much. If you’re in the latter camp, we’d be happy to help. Our gift list makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect gift for any age, interests, or budget.

Schleich Flagship Stores

Enter the fantastical world of Schleich animals in Schleich’s flagship US stores, where you’ll find a wide-ranging selection, the latest products, and giant figures that you can pose with for photos. Find a store near you on the map.

The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn, The bayala® Movie

The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn: The bayala® Movie: See your favorite fairies come to life outside your imagination. The movie is available to watch on demand on streaming services. Which fairy do you like best? Pick your favorite and have fun with the free downloadable games.

Schleich and Montessori Team Up in the Classroom

What has dozens of hands and feet, a few tails, lots of hooves, and feathers? A classroom full of kids using Schleich animal figures for hands-on learning! Schleich has teamed up with the American Montessori Society to create educational activities that feature our authentic toy animals and sets. Browse videos, download lesson plans, and discover products that inspire engaged, self-motivated learning. Plus, teachers get 25% off Schleich purchases!

Discount for the people who teach kids something new every day

Because teachers do almost as great a job as our loyal pandas, wise elephants, and other animal friends, we’re giving all teachers a Schleich voucher worth 25% off purchases on the online store. You can learn more, verify your identity, and get your voucher code here.

The power of imagination

Anything is possible, nothing is impossible – kids’ amazing imaginations are without limits, so it’s important not to impose any. In 2020, we brought our young fans’ imaginative ideas to life. Learn more about how we’ve been inspiring kids to play make-believe for hours at a time for 85 years and counting.

Schleich's 85th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Schleich’s 85th birthday in August of 2020! Click here for history on the Schleich brand, how our lion figurine has evolved over the years and more.

Make your Valentine smile with a Schleich Valentine!

Schleich Valentines will be a hit with friends and classmates. Click HERE to download a variety of Valentines you can print at home along with easy to follow instructions. We have lots of brand new Schleich available in our online shop to pair with your Valentines. Share your completed Valentines with us by posting on social media with #ILikeSchleich.

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