Fun at Home Activities

No matter if you are enjoying some unplugged family time, social distancing or simply waiting out a rainy day, we know that days without planned activities can get long for parents and kids alike. At Schleich, we believe imaginative play can be a wonderful way to have fun, relieve some stress and create magical adventures regardless of settings or circumstances. So, we’ve dug through some of our creative archives and then collaborated with some favorite creative minds and put together a collection of ideas for hours of entertainment! Let the fun begin!

Fun and Games

From story starters, DIYs, matching games, and more find lots of fun activities with Schleich!

Hannah's Red Cupcakes

Hannah's red cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for your Valentine. Kids of all ages will enjoy joining you in the kitchen to make these delicious cupcakes!

Valentine Coloring Sheet

This MAGICAL coloring sheet will be a hit with any unicorn fan. Print and share with your unicorn fans for a fun Valentine activity.

DIY Schleich Valentines

Download a variety of Valentines you can print at home along with easy to follow instructions. We have lots of brand new Schleich available in our online shop to pair with your Valentines.

Why Are You Thankful?

Print these adorable Thanksgiving activity sheets and encourage your family and friends to write and share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Word Search

Need an activity for the kids table? Print and place these word searches at each of the kids' seats to keep them entertained during Thanksgiving dinner. You'll score bonus points if you give them each a Schleich Turkey figurine as well!

Fill in the blanks to create your own magical Schleich story! Play alone by choosing words and reading your own story. Or, ask someone else to choose the words, and read their story back to them! Your answers will take Drake the Lava Dragon, Parsnip the Rabbit, Lettuce the Lamb, Rainbow Unicorn, Tank the T-Rex, Lana the Llama, and Franklin the Donkey Foal on zany adventures that will bring hours of laughter and entertainment. Download a FREE copy of the story, fill it out, and share your completed with us on Facebook or Instagram! 

Eldrador® Creatures Memory Game

Test your memory with this online Eldrador Creatures game!

Animal Races

Stay active with these fun animal races!

Memory Game

Test your memory with this fun downloadable game!

Animal Yoga

Relax with this fun animal yoga!

Matching Animal Tracks

Test your animal track knowledge with this downloadable game!

Pattern Play

Can you complete the pattern? Play now!

DIY Dinosaur Eggs

Create your own dinosaur egg, and hatch it!

Farm World Story Starter

Come along with Farmer Paul as he tends to his animals on the farm.

Horse Club Story Starter

What types of tricks will the Horse Club friends need to practice in order to win the tournament?

DIY Eldrador Masks

Are you Team Lava or Team Ice? Download these easy to make masks before your next Eldrador® Creatures battle.

Animal Tracks Game

Match the animal tracks to the animal who created them. Did you get them all right?

Printable Greeting Cards

Print and mail these greeting cards to a friend to brighten their day. Want to send a Schleich figurine with your card? We have a great selection in our online shop!


Get crafty with these fun DIYs! Visit us on Pinterest for more ideas.

Go on a Schleich safari! Create your gear, grab your animals and let the fun begin!

Immerse yourself in the world of bayala® and create your own fairy wings.

Can you get the all animals out of the web?

Make friendship bracelets to share with the ones you love.

Love playing on the farm?  Make your own sheep mask!

Who will win the tournment? Create fun ribbons for the winners.

Create your own trees from nature.

Go figurine fishing! BONUS - This is a fantastic activity to practice fine motor skills.

Let your favorite farm animals compete.  Who will win the race?

Zoom Backgrounds

Add a fun themed background to your next Zoom call.

Coloring Sheets

Download our coloring sheets below!

Farm World friends

Download now

Can you find the Easter nest?

Download now

Catch the rabbit!

Download now


Fun on the farm

Download now

Horse Club

Download now


Download now

Connect the Dots

Download Now


Download Now

Animal Maze

Download Now

Discover More

Check out our websites for Horse Club, Eldrador® Creatures and bayala® for more fun activities, videos and more!

Discover Horse Club

Check out our Horse Club website for exciting horse themed activities!

Eldrador® Creatures

The four worlds face each other - the battle for the super weapon begins!


In the world of bayala®, there are no limits to your dreams. Enchanting unicorns and other wondrous beings await!

We hope you found some new ideas and  inspiration here. If you’d like to share a photo of your fun to inspire others or if you have additional ideas to share, we’d love to hear from you on our social pages. Simply use #ILikeSchleich.