Give the gift of imagination this holiday season with Schleich!  With endless play possibilities, Schleich toys make amazing gifts.  Our play worlds are built around timeless themes or can be combined to create new imaginative worlds!  Use our Holiday Gift Guide to help you select the perfect figurine or playset and then watch as the creativity begins!

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3 to 8 Years Old

Great gift ideas for children between 3 to 8 years old. We have hand picked all of our best gifts that are perfect for younger children. These figurines and playsets will promote creatiivty and guarantee hours of fun!

5 to 12 years old

Great gift ideas for kids between 5 and 12 years old. We have hand picked all of our best gifts that are perfect for older children. Experience fantastic adventures with our popular Schleich® themed worlds!

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Great gift ideas for your preschool aged children. These playsets and figurines will help develop fine motor skills and encourage them to use their imagination.

Award Winning Toys

From Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award to Parents Magazine Toy Awards, we have playsets that you don't want to miss out on this Holiday Season!

Horse Lovers

Join the Horse Club friends and their horses on exciting adventures in Lakeside.

Action and Adventure

Get ready for hours of action-packed adventures with these Wild Life, Dinosaur, and Eldrador® Creatures figurines and playsets.


The unicorn obsessed will LOVE Schleich® unicorns! These glittering and beautiful unicorns will instantly transport you to a breathtaking fantasy world of bayala®.


Transport back in time with highly detailed Schleich® Dinosuars. A great gift for dinosuar lovers of any age.

Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with our Advent calendars from Horse Club and Farm World! An exciting surprise behind each door awaits!

Figurines Under $10

Need a stocking stuffer or gift for a friend? The most popular Schleich® figurines for under $10 make great holiday gifts!


From Horses to Dinosuars, our Schleich® playsets are sure to bring joy to children of all ages. Experience fantastic adventures and promote creativity that will lead to hours of fun!

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Stocking Stuffers $14.99 and Less

These figurines and play sets are small enough to fit in a stocking and will deliever delight on Christmas morning.

Gifts Less than $29.99

A variety of smaller playsets, starter sets, collectors packs and family packs. This collection of items is sure to bring joy and excitement to your little ones.

Gifts that WOW!

These larger playsets are sure to be showstoppers and stand out from the rest. They include a wide variety of figurines and accessories. The many features are sure to inspire hours of play and be a favorite toy for years to come.

Holidays Made Easy With Schleich!

Discover fun, easy ways to incorporate Schleich into your holiday celebration!  Find ideas to get holiday ready from cards, thank you notes, activities and more! 

Make your own Christmas ornaments with Schleich figurines with our step by step DIY.

Create your own Christmas wreath centerpiece with Schleich figurines this holiday season.  

Create Your Schleich Wishlist

Create your wishlist for your favorite Schleich toys with our downloadable wishlist.

Schleich Gift Tags

Make gifts extra special this year by adding a Schleich gift tag! Simply download our gift tags, cut them out and attach to your gifts.

Schleich Holiday Cards

Send your family and friends a special note this holiday season with our holiday cards.

Schleich Holiday Thank You Cards

Download our holiday thank you cards so your little one can write a heartfelt thank you message for their holiday gifts.

We would love to see your holiday celebrations with Schleich.  Take a picture and tag #ILikeSchleich for a chance to have your Schleich holiday celebrations featured on our social media.