Join Schleich in Celebrating the Power of Imagination!

Launched alongside the celebration of Schleich’s 85th anniversary, "Power of Imagination" is built on the idea that it can be challenging for grown-ups to perceive the rich, immersive depths of the experiences kids have when engaged in open-ended play. While adults might only see kids moving figurines around a play space, we know that kids see a world where dinosaurs help with homework and bears do backflips into outer space.  We invite you to explore the power of imagination through the links below and see just how rich, sensational and fantastic a child’s imagination can be.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Sandra Stone

Play is directly linked to imagination and imagination lays the foundation for creativity. And, for 85 years, our highly realistic and authentic animal figurines have helped kids engage in the type of open-ended play that most fosters their imaginations. Check-in with our expert, Dr. Sandra Stone, to learn more about open-ended play and how you can support your kids’ imagination and developing creativity.

Mitchel Wu

Renowned toy photographer, Mitchel Wu, is a kid at heart. Schleich has collaborated with him throughout 2020 to develop a series of photographs that bring the rich stories of children during playtime to life.

Contest Winners

We received over 5,000 entries worldwide. Click through to see our USA Power of Imagination finalists and winner!

We are on a mission to bring kids’ imaginations to life throughout 2020 and beyond! Check back frequently to see where and how our #powerofimagination campaign will pop up next!