Join Schleich in Celebrating the Power of Imagination!

We know that what parents see when watching kids play with Schleich figurines is nothing compared to the vivid colors and spectacular scenes they are imagining. We challenged kids across America to create photos that help bring the imaginative scenes they were seeing while playing with our figurines to life, just like the ones renowned toy photographer Mitchel Wu created. We received over 5,000 submissions worldwide, and are thrilled to share the US Grand Prize winning image taken by Rosa from Riverton, UT!

Click the links below each picture to purchase the products featured and you can recreate you own image just like our winner and finalists.



Behind the Picture

“The four riders needed a break from teaching lessons and competing in rodeos one week so they decided to pack up all their gear, some snacks, and headed out for a beautiful camping trip. The next day, they decided to take a trail ride to the top of the valley, for a wonderful view. This picture was taken when they all reached the top, and enjoyed the view." - Rosa, age 15


Barrel Racing with Cowgirl

Team Roping with Cowboy

Large Horse Stable with House and Stable 


Power of Imagination Photo Contest Finalists

Congratulations to our Top Nine finalists! Check out what products they used to create these amazing photos below. 

Submitted by Adessa from Evart, MI

Rabbit Hutch


Puppy Pen

Submitted by Daniela from Cedar Falls, IA

Giant Tortoise

Submited by Bella from Markleville, IN

Cheetah, female

Submitted by Sayge from East Syracuse, NY


Submitted by Melissa from Westwood, MA

Paint Horse Mare

Horse Wash Area

Submitted by Delaney from Monroeville, NJ

Barrel Racing with Cowgirl

Submitted by Jessica from Danbury, NH


Tyrannosaurus Rex

Submitted by Audrey from Alliance, OH

Rainbow Unicorn, foal

Sea Unicorn, foal