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We turn dreams into reality – that’s our calling

Dear parents, dear gift-givers,

Although the modern age we live in is filled with high-tech toys like talking robots and other remote-controlled gadgets, we remain true to our traditional, tried-and-tested way of doing things. Our mission is to give free rein to little storytellers’ creativity. We don’t impose any rules or limitations, we simply give them the necessary impetus and inspiration to create their own fantastic playworld. With our figures and sets, absolutely anything is possible.

For over 80 years, we’ve always kept up with the times. Each new product or idea that we develop wins us a fresh place in kids’ rich imaginations. We expand our product range with figures and sets that match kids’ interests and that they develop a bond with as they play.

Our realistic figures are inspired by nature and designed in partnership with zoologists and other experts. Their authentic appearance with precisely rendered details allows endless storytelling, without any interruption to ask if the animal really looks like that. And while kids laugh as a dinosaur talks to a Dalmatian puppy about which time zone they’ll travel to today, they learn valuable skills that are vital for their futures.

Every day, we receive photos and letters showing how kids build their own worlds with their Schleich figures. They’d keep playing forever if they could, because in those worlds everything is allowed. Knowing that makes me and my team very happy and motivated, as it makes us feel we’re making a meaningful contribution to children’s lives.

Go on a journey of discovery in the rich and varied world of Schleich, and explore the thousands of possibilities for adventure that await!

Dirk Engehausen

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