Mitchel Wu | Bringing Imagination to Life

Mitchel Wu is an internationally renowned toy photographer whose work has been commissioned by top toy companies and kids brands, and featured by top media outlets. His unmistakable style and perspective crafts stories and captures the illusion of motion and emotion using static objects.

“What this campaign is showing is that real play and using one’s real imagination is so important… We’re taking these toys and we’re letting kids create their own stories… I don’t think we could have a wide enough platform to demonstrate the importance of what this message really is.” -- Mitchel Wu



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T Rex Tutor

"I feed this dinosaur because he's my friend. He helps me with my homework."

Backflip Bears

"Oh yeah, we do backflips.... Backflip bears... We do backflips all day... Into space!"

Monster Fish

"The caveman was standing on a rock close to where the shark is... The shark was coming, and just came up and chomped his arm and pulled him in the water!"

Snake Party

"They all love parties and the snake loves parties..."

Donkey Swing

"The donkey just climbed up, and he is wanting to go on the tire swing!"

T Rex Green Force

"He has green force! He can pull up the land and use it like a weapon."

We want to challenge your kids to create photos that help bring to life these imaginative scenes, just like the ones we created for our #powerofimagination campaign with renowned toy photographer, Mitchel Wu.