Schleich partners with the American Montessori Society


“We’re happy to have Schleich as a partner in supporting the American Montessori Society mission to improve education worldwide through Montessori.”


Gina Lofquist
Senior Director of Education and Strategic Initiatives
American Montessori Society

Are polar bear paws ticklish?Are polar bear paws ticklish?


Schleich animal figurines ignite the natural curiosity of a child, tickle the imagination, invite adventure, and inspire learning. That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Montessori Society to support independent, engaged, and self-motivated learning.

On this page, you’ll find learning resources created with AMS to aid teachers in the classroom and to support continued learning at home.

Lesson Ideas from Schleich and American Montessori Society

From language development to cultural studies, a Schleich toy in a child’s hand is a field trip to a world of discovery. Our authentic and detailed toys give kids the storytelling tools to explore the most imaginative corners of their curiosity. 

North American Animal Lesson

Ideal for ages 3 to 5



Farm Animal Language Lesson

Ideal for ages 4 to 6


Language on the Farm Lesson

Ideal for ages 4-6



Young African Animals Lesson

Ideal for ages 3 to 5



Schleich will be adding more lesson ideas and printable materials soon through our partnership with the American Montessori Society. Subscribe to be notified when new content debuts and to receive exclusive special offers from Schleich.


Schleich products for learning activities

We are pleased to offer teachers 25% off* Schleich purchases in the Schleich online store.*  The items below are featured in the lesson plan videos on this page. Register here for your 25% teacher discount.

  1. Cheetah cub
    Cheetah cub
  2. Baby Hippopotamus
    Baby Hippopotamus
  3. Fox
  4. Wolf
  5. Lion cub
    Lion cub
  6. Zebra foal
    Zebra foal
    Out of Stock
  7. Moose bull
    Moose bull
  8. Giraffe calf
    Giraffe calf
  9. Alligator
  10. Grizzly bear
    Grizzly bear

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