The world’s best place to work

“How many people can say that their work brings a glint of joy to children’s eyes?”

Working with the highly realistic dinosaurs, horses, and all their other friends has fired my imagination too, and I can’t imagine a better place to work. How many people can say that their work brings a glint of joy to the eyes of children around the world? And when kids have breakfast with fairies, horses, and lions before they set off on their big journey into the jungle, they aren’t just having fun but also learning.

Before we develop new figures, we always put ourselves into children’s imaginative mindsets. For us, children’s need for play comes first. What figures will inspire them to go on exciting adventures? What do they want and how can we make it twice as fun for them?
Weeks of intricate work go into making sure that the cow and her friends look as if the original animals had simply been shrunk down to the perfect size for children’s hands. The figures are infused with extensive research, painstaking care, and at least as much love as kids put into their stories of adventure. And when these things are combined with top-quality production, it means that kids can enjoy adventures with wild animals, dragons, and monsters completely worry-free.

I especially like hearing from parents about the fascinating stories their kids experienced with the Schleich figures. When a fearsome T-Rex and courageous golden retriever team up to save the world from destruction, the sound of raucous kids’ laughter won’t be far away. And that’s the best reward for me and my fantastic team.

Petia Meyer – VP Product Marketing

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