Once upon a time … right up till today

Friedrich Schleich started out in 1946 with velvet-covered dolls made of wire and wood. Over the next decade, the Schleich family kept on growing, new friendships were made, and it became clear that things are better together. By the mid-50s, there were almost 70 different figures, including famous names like Walt Disney’s™ Bambi and Pluto.

You couldn’t help but fall in love with these two, so they made some new animal friends: a sea lion family, an elephant, and a kangaroo that kindled the enthusiasm of young and old for nature and animals. After the friendly Smurfs and the Smurf village arrived at Schleich in 1965, things just kept getting more lively and colorful. Since the 1980s, a host of different animals have conquered children’s hearts everywhere and the Schleich family has been invited more and more often to fill children’s playrooms with fun, happiness, and imagination.

So that nobody has to miss out, we produce 50 million toys each year. Six hundred unique characters and playmates populate the six playworlds, in which absolutely anything is possible. The animals of the savannah say good morning to each other every day, lions and giraffes alike, and from time to time receive visits from a stegosaurus even though it’s from a different time zone. In kids’ playrooms, that makes no difference: All the animals can still be friends and one big family.

The Schleich worlds also have many fantastical inhabitants, including the legendary Eldrador® Creatures and the enchanting fairies, proud unicorns, and mysterious mermaids from the magical world of bayala®. And of course let’s not forget the Smurf village.

We design all products for age-appropriate fun, so that kids can quickly get to grips with them and make new friends that aren’t over- or undertaxing. Each of our family members has their own character and quirks, just like us human beings. It’s what makes life rich and diverse. So it’s no surprise that Schleich has been a hit in kids’ playrooms far beyond the borders of Germany. Pandas are pandas in the USA too, and foxes are foxes, so kids can still enjoy the same fantastic adventures with their favorite toys. Creativity and imagination transcend all borders.