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In the Schleich® online store’s Sale section, you can find selected products at discounted prices. The special offers are updated regularly. There are reduced-price toys from all ranges, from animal figures such as the popular Horse Club horses to magical bayala® elves. Browse sets from the Farm World and Wild Life ranges or discover Dinosaurs that are still missing from your collection. In addiiton, you can also find the popular Schleich® characters from the Smurfs™ at reduced prices – perfect as small gifts for children and collectors.

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  1. Allosaurus
    Allosaurus 14580
    Special Price $14.99 Regular Price $19.99
  2. Spinosaurus and T-rex, small
    Spinosaurus and T-rex, small 41455
    Special Price $7.99 Regular Price $14.99
  3. Dimorphodon and therizinosaurus, small
    Dimorphodon and therizinosaurus, small 41425
    Special Price $7.99 Regular Price $14.99
  4. Kentrosaurus
    Kentrosaurus 14583
    Special Price $9.99 Regular Price $11.99
  5. Anhanguera
    Anhanguera 14540
    Special Price $5.99 Regular Price $11.99
  6. Tawa
    Tawa 15005
    Special Price $4.49 Regular Price $7.99

Products: 6

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