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Your fairy’s wing has snapped off or the farmyard gate is broken? We’d be happy to help patch your play figures back up for their next trip to Neverland.

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How will the lions, ponies, and other animals reach your home? How does payment work? And how long for a tiger to get from the jungle to your mailbox? Find full details here.

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Want to know whether the lava demon is also available in a set or what animals are included in the Wild Life starter set? Then head to the FAQ section, where we’ve already answered questions from other adventurers. If one of your favorite figures is broken or the packaging is missing, we’ll be there to save you in a flash. If you’re looking for new companions for your safari or expedition into the wild, you can find all our figures in the current catalogues. Simply download and browse. You can also download instructions for how to assemble your sets, figures, and animals. If you want to know more about your travel companions, then head to one of Schleich’s retail partners. Our store finder lets you know where you can shop for our products in your local area. If you want to stay updated, then subscribe to our free newsletter for the latest news about fairies, dinosaurs, Eldrador® Creatures, and all the rest.



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