Welcome to Schleich

Who We Are

Welcome to Schleich! We are an imaginative play company, and we bring realism to a new level. Our high quality, immersive play worlds open up a world of imaginative possibilities to toddlers and kids through safe play. We have designed over 300 products to teach and inspire kids as they move through developmental stages, which we break out into six franchises:

Explore our newest products from each franchise!

Farm World: A fresh play world built around life on the farm

Wild Life: An exotic play world focused on animals and habitats from around the world

Dinosaurs: A daring collection filled with prehistoric creatures waiting to be brought to life

Horse Club: The story of four best friends centered around friendship, adventure, and their love of horses 

bayala®: A fantasy world made up of fairies, unicorns and mermaids 

Eldrador Creatures®: A mystical realm ruled by dangerous creatures fighting to control the Super Weapon 

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