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Nuevos lanzamientos (PDF)

Schleich WBCP Partnership Announcement.pdff
Burbank, CA – October 21, 2013 – Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, is partnering with leading figurine manufacturer Schleich on a new line of non-articulated figurines based on the DC Comics pantheon of Super Heroes. The global partnership marks only the second time Schleich has partnered with an entertainment property. The deal was brokered by Schleich’s licensing agency, All American Licensing & Management Group (AALMG).

Presstext Schleich London Toy Fair Smurfs.pdf
To tie in with the launch of the feature film “The Smurfs 2”, Schleich will be bringing another line-up of new Smurf figurines to market in 2013. For those who can’t wait until May to see the movie Smurfs, a new range of figurines will be available from January to add to collections or as gifts for all manner of occasions.

Presstext Schleich London Toy Fair History.pdf
Schleich brings a whole new concept of knights to market this year. Rather than the clichéd battle of good against evil, from summer 2013 powerful dragon knights will be throwing the gauntlet down to the wise order of griffins.

Presstext Schleich London Toy Fair B2C.pdf
At this year’s London Toy Fair, visitors can expect some very special highlights from Schleich. To tie in with the release of the feature film “The Smurfs 2”, Schleich is launching a range of new Smurf figurines onto the market. Girls can look forward to the magical ice elves, while boys can escape into an action-packed fantasy world featuring courageous knights.

Presstext Schleich London Toy Fair B2B.pdf
The toy manufacturer from Germany focuses on expanding its historical world, set to be augmented in 2013 by a new series of courageous knights. To tie in with the release of the feature film “The Smurfs 2”, Schleich will also be launching a range of new Smurf figurines this year.