5 Horses Collectors Pack

5 Horses Collectors Pack

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11.42 x 6.42 x 6.81 inch (L x P x H)
Âge recommandé
3-8 ans
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These horses are a must-have for every collector!
Tennessee Walkers, Tinkers and Mustangs are among the most popular horse breeds, and make excellent riding horses. Tennessee Walkers are famed for their smooth gaits, Tinkers for their gentle temperament and great stamina, and Mustangs for their wild, freedom-loving character.
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All the Schleich® figures are lovingly painted with detailed modelling and allow kids to learn while they play.


1 x Tennessee Walker mare, 1 x Tennessee Walker foal, 1 x Tinker mare, 1 x Tinker foal, 1 x Mustang stallion