Eventing rider

Eventing rider

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5.9 x 3.3 x 7.1 inch (L x P x H)
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5-12 ans
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The rider has bought a beautiful new saddle and a top-quality bridle for the eventing tournament. Nothing else can go wrong now – it’s her “big day”!
Eventing has been an Olympic sport since 1912. The competition lasts three days and has military origins: specifically, it was part of a comprehensive test for mounted cavalry troops which assessed both horse and rider. That’s why the discipline also used to be called military riding. The aim is to complete all three disciplines with as few penalty points as possible. That’s why the eventing rider and her horse have trained for weeks in order to be perfectly prepared for the competition.
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The eventing rider has to master three disciplines: cross-country, dressage and stadium jumping.


1 x Hanoverian mare, 1 x eventing rider, 1 x eventing saddle, 1 x bridle