Nicest workplace in the world

Dear parents, dear toy-givers,

I could not imagine a nicer place to work. I’m able to make children all over the world happy with wonderful toys which promotes their development at the same time. Our figures are the best friends and daily companions of many children. In the hands of children, they become the starting point of the most creative stories and adventures. The emphasis is on fun, while learning happens on the side.

Each year, we think hard about which new figures we put on the market. Children’s playing needs are the most decisive factor: what do children want? What can enrich the existing playing worlds? What rounds off our range?

Each figure is designed through detailed craftsmanship over several weeks. The final result is the product of a lot of love, extensive research, and the utmost care. This way, each animal figure comes as close as possible to its original counterpart. The subsequent production is carried out according to top quality standards, so that in the end we can hand over a safe and valuable toy to your child.

Parents repeatedly tell me about their children’s wonderful experiences with Schleich. Such conversations make me happy. Being part of something that causes so much joy and loud laughter to sound from children’s rooms, together with a great team, always makes me incredibly happy.

Sincerely yours,
Petia Meyer - VP Global Marketing

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