Hanoverian mare

Hanoverian mare

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5.35 x 1.3 x 4.21 inch (Ш x Д x В)
Возрастная рекомендация
5-12 Годы
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Hanoverians are particularly noble sport horses, outstandingly suitable for dressage and show jumping.
In Germany, Hanoverians have been successfully bred and advanced according to the highest standard since 1735. The Hanoverian is a typical, modern-day sport horse in rectangular format (longer than high). The Hanoverian is characterised by an excellent motion, predestined for the great sport. It can be trained for both dressage and show jumping at the highest level and is considered teachable, attentive, balanced, but also spirited.
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Hanoverians are the most famous warm-blooded horses.

Научные факты

  • Научное название: Equus ferus caballus
  • Глобальное место обитания: Во всем мире
  • Сохранение статуса: Виды под наименьшей угрозой