ELDRADOR® CREATURES –Fierce beasts from another world

In the land of ELDRADOR® CREATURES, a quest to control the super weapon sparks an epic clash between four realms –Lava World, Ice World, Stone World and Jungle World.  

The world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES is waiting in suspense – who will win the battle for the super weapon? 


 The hot-headed dwellers of Lava World control the super weapon. Embedded deep in the lava rock, the artifact is guarded by a mighty fire lion and gives the Lava World dominion over the other realms. The fiercest creatures of the Stone World, Ice World, and Jungle World are relentless in their quest to wrest the powerful weapon away from Lava World. Who will emerge the victor?  


 Experience monstrous fun and games with ELDRADOR® CREATURES – take these high-adventure figures home with you now!! 


  1. Shadow Panther
    Shadow Panther
  2. Monster gorilla
    Monster gorilla
  3. Jungle Emperor
    Jungle Emperor
  4. Stone Dragon
    Stone Dragon
  5. Ice Giant
    Ice Giant
  6. Lava Smasher
    Lava Smasher
  7. Rock Beast
    Rock Beast
  8. Attack on Ice Fortress
    Attack on Ice Fortress
  9. Jungle creature 
    Jungle creature 
  10. Fire Eagle
    Fire Eagle

Lava World

Erupting from the fiery pits of the Lava World, these hot-headed creatures stalk Eldrador® with a burning intensity and a searing gaze. Get fired up for adventure with the creatures of the Lava World!

Jungle World

Mighty paws, poisonous crystal thorns, and razor-sharp vines...the monster gorilla, jungle monster and plant monster are a tangle of terror when they’re in a bad mood. Unleash the wild beasts of the Jungle World!

Stone World

Their legends are carved in stone: The armored turtle, the rock beast and the stone monster are craggy menaces in the battle for the super weapon! Feel the ground tremble as the Stone World creatures enter the fray!

Ice World

Scowling in the jagged terrain of the Ice World, the ice monster, snow wolf and ice dragon are a chilling presence in the clash for the super weapon. Will you keep your cool when these stone-cold creatures join the battle?

Fun and games with ELDRADOR® CREATURES 

Monstrous fun to be had! In the world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES monsters from different worlds are competing for the super weapon! Who can conquer it and invade the other worlds?