Helikopter legesæt

Det rene, skære eventyr! Den nye helikopter hjælper Ranger-holdet fra luften og redder dyrene.

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Nye dinoer

Nye og farlige dinoer erobrer sortimentet!

Nyt år, nye heste!

Nye hestefigurer i Horse Club, med endnu flere heste- og samlefornøjelser!

Nyt fra Wild Life

Opdag de nye Wild Life dyr.

Discover the World of Schleich®

Immerse yourself in the history of our company and explore the development process of our high-quality and unique Schleich figurines - from the first draft to the finished product.

Who Will Rule Over Eldrador?

The four worlds face each other and the battle for the super weapon begins. Who will win? Discover the world of Eldrador Creatures now!

Discover Horse Club from Schleich!

Join the Horse Club girls, Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah along with horses on their adventures in Lakeside!  From the Large Horse Stable with House and Stable, to the Rider Cafe to Caravan for Secret Club meetings there are hours of fun and adventure.  Start your adventure today!

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Brand NEW 4x4 Collection Already On Stock

It’s time for an action-packed adventure with ranger David and his trusty companion, the young chimpanzee! The extendable winch can be secured on the front and rear of the vehicle and therefore ensures plenty of fun!