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Epic tales of horseback rides, friendship and shared adventure are included with every toy in our Horse Club collection.

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bayala® Unicorn Collectibles

A sprinkle of magic and a twinkle of imagination…a delicious enchantment is stirring in the secret gardens of bayala®. Collect all our unicorns inspired by fruits, flowers, and sweet desserts today.

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  1. Donut Collectible Unicorn
    Donut Collectible Unicorn
  2. Birthday Cake Collectible Unicorn
    Birthday Cake Collectible Unicorn
  3. Ice Cream Collectible Unicorn
    Ice Cream Collectible Unicorn
  4. Mint Chocolate Collectible Unicorn
    Mint Chocolate Collectible Unicorn
  5. Gumdrop Collectible Unicorn
    Gumdrop Collectible Unicorn
  6. Candy Cane Collectible Unicorn
    Candy Cane Collectible Unicorn
  7. Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion
    Rainbow Love Unicorn Stallion
  8. Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion
    Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion
  9. Jungle Emperor
    Jungle Emperor
    Out of Stock

Schleich in the News

Schleich® – We put the World in Your Hands

Put a Schleich toy in the hands of a child, and watch as something magical happens. They are transported to a world of imaginative possibilities for endless storytelling and adventure!

Once upon a time, Schleich hired a Chief Storytelling Officer

Just in the Saint Nick of time for the holidays, Schleich welcomes its new Chief Storytelling Officer, Marcello! With 8 years of play experience, Marcello's wild imagination and passion for make-believe helped him secure this role of a lifetime. Marcello's primary objective as CSO is to inspire kids (and grown kids!) to build their imaginations through storytelling and play. Imagination is what we need to build a better future, and our CSO is leading the way! As Marcello says, kids need to “play today to change the world tomorrow!” We invite you to take a closer look at the important work Marcello and friends are doing this holiday! Parents can learn how to empower kids to change the world this holiday season. Kids get to see their holiday wishes come true! According to Marcello, “it’s a win-win!”!


Schleich and 4-H - Partners in Storytelling

When kids' imaginations are nurtured through community, mentorship, and education, these natural storytellers become the out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.  That's why Schleich has partnered with 4-H, an organization dedicated to helping kids develop skills to better themselves and their worlds.  Click HERE to learn more about the 4-H and Schleich Partnership, watch our choose your own adventure-style interactive video featuring the voice of Bindi Irwin, and watch the top entries submitted by kids from across the country!  To celebrate 100K views of the “Create Your Story” video, Schleich donated $10,000 to 4-H!

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Brand NEW 4x4 Collection Already On Stock

It’s time for an action-packed adventure with ranger David and his trusty companion, the young chimpanzee! The extendable winch can be secured on the front and rear of the vehicle and therefore ensures plenty of fun!