85 years of Schleich | September 2020

Once upon a time, long ago …

Why is it raining confetti in the steppes? Why are T-rexes and giraffes wearing party hats? There can only be one reason: It’s Schleich’s birthday! Friedrich Schleich founded the company in 1935. Back then, our figures looked very different: velvet-covered dolls made of wire and wood. They weren’t as refined as our products today, but kids still had just as much fun with them. Then, in 1957, the animals arrived. The first steppe and sea dwellers took up residence with Schleich. They were so popular that since the 1980s animal figures have been the heart of our family. We’re also constantly expanding the family with new playworlds. Schleich – a global company with local roots!

Zoom horselcub
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte
Schleich Geschichte

An animal-tastic makeover – Schleich then and now

Our king of the animals has changed a lot between 1953 and today, as you can see from the pictures below. Over time, our figure designs have become increasingly realistic and detailed. Which figure do you like best?

Zoom horselcub 1953-1960
Schleich Geschichte 1978-1990
Schleich Geschichte 1995-1996
Schleich Geschichte 1996-2005
Schleich Geschichte 2006-2007
Schleich Geschichte 2007-2014
Schleich Geschichte 2014-2017
Schleich Geschichte 2017-2020

Birthday greetings from our golden lion

A truly special guest paid us a visit for our birthday. The king of the animals dressed up in his finest attire. Our golden anniversary lion with glistening mane is a symbol of the pride and dignity with which we look back on the last 85 years. The six colorful brushstrokes are a nod to our lovingly painted figures and represent the six franchised playworlds in the Schleich portfolio.

How your Schleich figure is made

Accompany our little heroes, from sloths to stegosauruses, on their journey from birth through to becoming unique, finished figures.

Power of Imagination

The power of imagination is when a rug becomes a savannah where polar bears dance with T-rexes. When instead of mom, dad, and child you can have a cat, a panda, and an alpaca. When unicorns explore distant galaxies and suddenly find themselves fighting side by side with penguins in an interstellar war. Children can create unique universes out of very little and explore utopian worlds through play. Their imagination is the magical fairy dust that holds these worlds together. To mark Schleich’s 85th birthday, we’re celebrating the vibrant, inexhaustible power of kids’ imaginations!

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Happy birthday! Schleich is always a welcome guest at parties

You want to give a good gift but don’t have a clue what kids would like? Our list of gift ideas makes it easier to find something suitable. It’s organized by age, interest, and budget so you’re no longer searching for a needle in a haystack.



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