HORSE CLUB – It’s all about friendship and a love of riding here

Elegant horses, large paddocks, a whimsical rider café and the Lakeside riding stables…the Schleich® HORSE CLUB is a horse lover’s paradise!  

If you like horses, you will love Schleich® HORSE CLUB! 

 As day begins at Lakeside Country House and Stable, excitement stirs in the air! Join Hannah, one of the club’s founding members, as she and her family visit the horses in their stalls. Ride along as she trains to compete in the big tournament. Saddle up for a lesson at the riding school. Nurture your love of dressage, show jumping or vaulting…there are no limits to all the riding fun to be had here! 


We Think You'll Like These

  1. Big Horse Show with Dressing Tent
    Big Horse Show with Dressing Tent
  2. Horse Club Sarah’s baby animal care
    Horse Club Sarah’s baby animal care
  3. American Saddlebred gelding
    American Saddlebred gelding
  4. Akhal-Teke stallion
    Akhal-Teke stallion
  5. Andalusian foal
    Andalusian foal
  6. Paddock with entry gate
    Paddock with entry gate
  7. Horse Club Hannah’s first-aid kit
    Horse Club Hannah’s first-aid kit
  8. Pick up with horse box
    Pick up with horse box
  9. Holsteiner gelding
    Holsteiner gelding

A love of horses

What’s your favorite horse breed? Is the Appaloosa or the Trakehner mare the prettiest? Or maybe you love the Quarter Horse stallion most? With Schleich® HORSE CLUB, you’ll never have to settle for just one favorite!

Lakeside Country House and Stable

Fall in love with the Lakeside Country House and Stable – the bustling center of your Horse Club world. Then, expand piece-by-piece with roomy horse stalls, a cozy riders’ café, an always-ready horse veterinarian, and a riding school like no other.

The glamour of the horse show

The horse obstacle course is assembled. The ribbons are fluttering in the wind. The horses have been groomed. It’s time for the Schleich® HORSE CLUB horse show to begin!

The Horse Adventure App

Even the Hanoverian mare can be slipped into any pocket now! In the HORSE CLUB for when you're on the go. Young Schleich® fans can experience exciting adventures at the Lakeside Country House and Stable. 

Die Pferde Abenteuer

Selbst der riesige Shire-Hengst passt nun in die Hosentasche! Im Horse Club für unterwegs erleben deine kleinen Schleich® Fans spannende Abenteuer auf dem Lakeside-Pferdehof