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Expert Opinions

Both educational experts and teachers agree that Schleich toys can be very effective teaching tools.  We partnered with Dr. Sandra Stone, Professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University, an open-ended play expert to explore how Schleich toys help children develop high levels of play and encourage creativity and imagination that can benefit them as adults.  Check some videos below and learn more here.

Open-ended play expert, Dr. Sandra Stone, talks about how Schleich toys helps children develop high levels of play.

Open-ended play expert, Dr. Sandra J Stone, talks about how Schleich toys help encourage creativity and imagination that can last into adulthood.

Open-ended play expert, Dr. Sandra J Stone, talks about sparking imagination.

Schleich toys are a staple in Montessori classrooms. They are excellent tools for teaching a variety of subjects and skill sets. See what teachers at Trinity Montessori Academy have to say about using Schleich toys in their classrooms.

"One of our topics in the two year old Montessori classroom is often learning about Farm animals.  My students love using the Schleich farm animals when we are learning about the baby animal names, when we discuss parts of an animal, and when we  group the different animal families.  One of their favorite activities is washing dirt off of the farm animals with toothbrushes.  They are using their fine motor and coordination skills during this activity.  Schleich animals are very loved by the children in my class, it is usually the first basket they choose for imaginary play."  

---Michele Schwartz, Two Year old Teacher at Trinity Montessori Academy

"When you go into any early childhood environment you find a few standard items in every classroom; play dough, child size chairs and tables, building materials, Schleich animals, etc.  These materials are developmentally appropriate and very versatile.  In a Montessori kindergarten classroom, the Schleich animals can be used in a variety of ways in many different subject areas.  A few of my favorite ways to use animals are through science and geography.  We teach children about the concept of living vs. non-living, plants vs. animals, and cover the life cycles of several different insects and animals.  Having a three dimensional model of these animals help us provide children with a tactile learning experience, allows them to practice the mathematical concepts of sorting without even realizing it, and can be used in practical life as an object to practice cleaning with."  

---Emily Beadle, Kindergarten Teacher at Trinity Montessori Academy

"I love using Schleich animals in my toddler classroom to help children develop language skills.  It is vital when teaching toddlers new vocabulary to not only say the new word, but to let the child hold an actual object that represents that word.  In my experience, children learn animal names faster when they have actual animals to hold in their hands and associate the name to a tangible object."  

---Lynzie S., 1 to 2 year old teacher at Trinity Montessori Academy 

Educational Activities

Schleich toys are excellent teaching tools for both classrooms and home. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to use Schleich in your classroom or when teaching at home.


Schleich figurines are so realistic that you can use them to learn about the tracks of real animals! This activity can help kids hone their observation skills. It makes a great addition to a science unit or science center. Click HERE for animal tracking activity.


The ability to recognize and create patterns helps us make predictions based on our observations which is an important skill in math. Understanding patterns helps prepare children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations. Click HERE for pattern play with Schleich.


Connect the dot activities give fine motor skills a workout, teach counting and are fun for kids all at the same time. Click HERE for a Schleich connect the dot activity sheet.

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