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In the FAQs, frequently asked questions about Schleich are answered.

Company Profile

The company, founded 80 years ago by Friedrich Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, is one of the largest toy manufacturers in Germany and a leading international provider of figurines. The famous figurines and playsets from Schleich are distributed in more than 50 countries and have triumphed in children’s rooms all over the world. As a global player with Swabian roots, Schleich today achieves more than half of its sales outside its core market of Germany. The company is majority owned by the European investment company Ardian. Other shareholders include the management team around Dirk Engehausen (CEO), Sascha Krines (CFO) and Dr. Claus-Otto Zacharias (COO). The design of the Schleich play worlds, manufacture of the production tools and the quality and safety tests are all performed in Germany. Production itself takes place both at the company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd and in other production facilities outside of Germany.

Production Sites

Schleich group manufacturing takes place in Romania, Moldova, Tunisia and China as well as Germany. All our products and the materials used meet the applicable national and international toy standards worldwide, including the new European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and DIN EN 71. This means that the contents and the production process at all sites are identical, and ensuresin turn that the quality of Schleich products is the same everywhere – no matter where they are produced. As part of the high-quality standards at Schleich, each production site is subject to routine and rigorous quality controls and checks. In addition, the Schleich group requires that all its partner companies are certified according to the ICTI CARE, amongst other things. The ICTI CARE process is an initiative of the International Council of Toy Industries, which focuses on global adherence to certain codes of conduct. This includes regulation of statutory working hours, payment of statutory minimum wages and the prohibition of child and forced labour. Quality and Product Safety


The Schleich company's headquarters is in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. The famous figurines and playsets from Schleich are distributed in more than 50 countries. Internationally, there are also offices in Charlotte, NC for Canada and North America, Stansted for the UK, Chassieu for France, Barcelona for Iberia and Tokyo for Japan. In the other markets, selected distribution partners maintain contacts with our customers.

Where can I also buy Schleich (country, distribution channels, etc.)?

The famous figurines and playsets from Schleich are distributed in more than 50 countries. Using the Dealer Locator, you can find out which toy shops near you stock Schleich products.


Our ultimate goal is to provide children with exciting and educationally valuable game concepts, stimulating their creativity and imagination and promoting their development. At Schleich, we ensure that the design, materials and safety are checked with the utmost care. Only in this way can we keep to our philosophy and continue developing high-quality and beautifully designed products which get the hearts of children and collectors racing.

How is a Schleich figurine created – from the idea to the figurine?

Our play worlds are expanded every year, being supplemented by new figures and sets. Our inspiration is taken from nature, the work we do together with international experts and our fans – the children.

It takes an average of three to four months from the design of a model to the finished Schleich figure. Across many different working stages, all characterised by a huge love of detail and the highest quality standards, the famous hand-painted Schleich figurines arise – unique in their fidelity to nature and coming alive in the children’s rooms of the world.

The ideas for the various products are produced within the company itself. Each new figurine initially takes its proverbial form in the product design department of Schleich. Through drawings, photographs and documents from specialist books, the designer gets down to work and with artistic craft, creating a monochrome wax model which already contains all the details of the later product. Depending on the complexity of the figure, it takes two to eight working weeks before the wax figure bears up to the critical eye of its creator. For the body of a horse model, for instance, each individual hair will be applied. The finished artwork is finally handed over so it can be visually released by the marketing department, as well as being given over to the moulding and toolmaking department for technical and structural testing as part of quality assurance.

The resulting wax model is the precursor for the creation of the actual casting mould in the toolmaking department. There are currently around 600 of these valuable injection moulds, made from a zinc-aluminium-magnesium-copper mixture – each representing a different figurine from the enormous Schleich product family.

Each figure has its own base colour, whose formula is developed in-house from various pigment mixtures of PVC base material with different degrees of hardness. All production materials and materials are chemically tested beforehand. The plastic granules are heated until they melt and through a nozzle, they are injected into the mould in a liquid state. After the machine production, the blanks require (depending on their size) about half an hour until they are completely hardened. Larger figurines take a cold-water bath. With smaller ones, intermediate storage on cold plates is sufficient.

Each individual piece is hand-painted. The only exceptions are large-scale patterns, such as the brown spots on a giraffe figure, which are applied in a pad-printing process.

Only then do the final figures get the famous Schleich flag with the red “S” hung around them, meaning they are ready for delivery.

Quality and Product Safety

Since founding the company more than 80 years ago, toy safety and the highest quality standards have been top priority for the Schleich group. Worldwide, all articles and the materials used in the product range comply with the relevant national and international toy requirements, such as the new European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, DIN EN 71 and the international standard, Toy Standards ASTM F963-2008. The raw materials used are absolutely harmless, and are regularly tested and approved by independent testing laboratories. Starting at the material suppliers, there is strict scrutiny from our quality assurance representatives. We continuously monitor compliance with all standards – so that we can meet our own standards and criteria as well.

Product Materials

Schleich products are made of various plastics and paints. These are carefully selected on the basis of the specific requirements. Among the most important plastics types we use are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), actrylnitril butadiene styrene (ABS) and other typical plastics for toys. Starting at the material suppliers, there is strict scrutiny from our quality assurance representatives. The paints used are perfectly adapted to the various types of plastic and have the greatest mechanical and chemical resistance. They ensure that Schleich products last a long time and make all of our products resistant to perspiration, saliva and wear – meaning they are completely safe to play with. The product is released for production only when it meets all the laws, standards and guidelines.

How can I recognise a Schleich figurine?

Each Schleich figure carries an engraving on a spot which is as inconspicuous possible, so that play and game value is not affected. This engraving shows our company name, headquarters, the country of production and the CE mark. This means that for us, the production country and year of each figure are always clearly identifiable. The clearest distinguishing feature for the end user is the famous Schleich S flag on the loose individual figures.

What does the coloured dot on the Schleich S flag mean?

Schleich figurines are separated into various price categories. Each has its own coloured dot (green, blue, red, yellow, grey or brown) which is shown on the Schleich S flag on the figure. All the figures within one colour group are sold at the same price.

Who can I contact?

To meet our high quality standards, we simulate many different games and stress situations with our figures. If there is nevertheless a reason for complaint, we apologise and will be happy to examine what has caused this.

Please get in touch with the team in charge via consumer(at) So that we can process your request as quickly as possible, please provide your full contact details. If you want to send in a defective product, please use the following address:

Schleich GmbH
Abteilung QS/Kundenreklamation
Am Limes 69
73527 Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

So that we can associate this product with you, please enclose your complete address and your email address. Only then can we process your enquiry. Of course, you will receive a Schleich product to the value of the postage costs. Thank you in advance!

What should I do if the instructions are not in the packaging?

Are the instructions missing from the packaging of your Schleich accessories? Under the Service heading, go to the Construction Manuals section to download all instruction manuals for the Schleich product range. Have fun building and playing!

Why is Schleich such a strong partner for parents?

Playing with Schleich figures can be compared to old-fashioned role-playing. A game with no instructions and no limits, and which lets children’s fantasies run free. For children, Schleich play worlds embody a harmonious world in all its natural and diverse forms: a miniature play world for small hands. Inspired by mother nature, their creativity is encouraged and they learn to express their emotions.

What is the Schleich mission?

We are proud to work in a professional team in which we have so much fun developing play worlds of the highest quality, brought to life by our realistic, hand-painted figures. This is how we create a unique, inspiring play experience for children of all ages, lending wings to their fantasies.

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