Our Story of Sustainability

* schleich®. Every step can have a positive impact.

Do you remember your first toy? What about your favorite childhood toy? Perhaps you even passed your favorite toy along to your own child – a gift as timeless as play itself.

For more than 85 years, schleich® figurines and playsets have been an enduring part of childhood. Our sustainability is rooted in the same values your parents loved about us when they gave you your first schleich® toy:

  • True-to-detail figurines that are passed down from generation to generation.
  • Playsets that are so high quality that children will enjoy them for years on end.
  • Toys that are so long-lasting that they contribute to sustainable play all around the world.

Of course, sustainability means more to us than quality products that can be shared for generations. Sustainability, like any good story, is a journey.

It’s why today, and every day, we ask ourselves “What next?”

We have developed an ambitious sustainability strategy that explores our potential at every point along our value chain, from the design and manufacture of our toys to logistics and distribution through our retail partners. We consider it our cherished responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future that is positive for our children and for all living beings on our planet. That is what’s next for schleich®.

Soon, we will tell you about our specific goals and next steps. We hope you’ll stay tuned to hear where our sustainability story goes from here!

It's NOT just a box…

Turn your delivery box into something new and share it on social media with us! Tag @SchleichUSA using the hashtags #SchleichStories #IlikeSchleich #DIY

Sustainability is a shared commitment to put the well-being of people and our planet at the center of all we do. It’s about preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. schleich® is dedicated to embracing ways, large and small, to contribute toward greater sustainability.

With this goal in mind, we’re inviting our customers to see a delivery package as more than a box. Because it’s not a box. It’s a horse stable. Or a castle. Or a shared habitat for stone monsters, sloths, and unicorns. It’s whatever you and your schleich® characters can imagine together.

How to Create a Horse Stable Out of a Delivery Box

Gather your supplies!

packing tape or duct tape
colored masking tape

Follow these steps!

Cut the top 2 flaps off of the top of the box. 

Cut 1 of the remaining smaller flaps off. 

On the remaining small flap, cut a slit to make the stable doors.

Use pencil to draw a small rectangle on the inside top corner of the box. 

Use scissors to cut it out to create a window for your horses to see out.

Fold the 2 large top flaps to create a point to make the roof. 

Tape the top where the flaps connect and tape the corners to the side of the box.

Cut the remaining smaller flap into smaller rectangle pieces to make the sign.

Write the name of your stable and tape it to the inside of the box beside the window.

Use your colored tape to make an X on your stable doors and you're done!

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