Making every day special

Dear parents, dear toy-givers,

In today’s very fast-paced world, I take particular pleasure in working for a company that relies on time-tested, traditional, long-standing principles. At the same time, we manage to remain in step with the changing times with our Schleich figures and play sets and are constantly further developing our range. This way, even after 80 years, we continue to offer children toys that really mean something to them and thrill them for a long time.

With our realistically designed figures, inspiring play sets, and the stories based on them, we actively promote children’s relationships with nature, its diversity and fascination. At the same time, playing with our real, tangible products not only supports children’s fine motor skills, but also trains many other skills important to healthy development. Playful learning always takes centre stage with our products – but without letting things get overly “instructive”.

The numerous letters and pictures we receive from our fans every day show that we are on the right path. This really delights me every day and gives me the feeling that I’m making a helpful contribution to society together with all our employees at Schleich. How children’s eyes light up, the pride our designers take in crafting true-to-nature figures, and the joy in actually having developed something “tangible” are now sources of motivation for me that will continue to inspire me on into the future.

I hope you and your children very much enjoy discovering our diverse Schleich world!

Yours truly,
Dirk Engehausen (CEO)

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