DINOSAURS – The dinos are on the loose!

The prehistoric giants want to conquer the world! T-Rex and his pals are not the only danger in the world of DINOSAURS: the volcano is also about to erupt!  

Deep in the jungle there is a hidden secret: a few dinosaurs were able to survive the last Ice Age. Now Tyrannosaurus Rex and Raptor are roaming the forests in the world of DINOSAURS and want to conquer the world.  

 Luckily, the explorer Maxx and his friends at the research station keep an eye on the last remaining survivors. With the help of their helicopter and off-road vehicle, they study the dinos up close.  

 Suddenly there's a rumbling in the distance…Is that just a Brontosaurus with an upset tummy, or is the fire-spewing volcano about to erupt?   

 Discover the world of DINOSAURS from the comfort of your home and awaken the curiosity of future explorers!  

New Arrivals

  1. Nothosaurus
  2. Parasaurolophus

The first giants

The last dinos on earth love your pile of laundry! Only Mosasaurus prefers to swim. Turn the clock back about 200 million years and explore the primeval world of the ancient dinos!  

The dinos of the next generation

The first giants have meanwhile had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Meet Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus and the rest of the dino gang!  

Big volcano expedition

Giganotosaurus and Ankylosaurus are roaring in fear…researcher Yuki doesn't have a minute to lose! The big volcano is about to erupt – with molten lava, thick smoke and noise. Watch out!  

Budding dino experts come this way

Deep in the jungle, the Colby brothers are exploring the last living dinosaurs. On their dangerous mission they can use all the help they can get. Discover the prehistoric giants in your own home now!