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You’re not alone on your journey! Many other adventurers asked us questions before. You’ll find our answers in our FAQ.


Why does Brexit affect me?

As of 1.January 2021 all goods sent to the UK are affected by the Brexit and must therefore be cleared through customs. The purchase and shipment of the goods takes place in the name of Schleich GmbH, which is based in Germany.

Are orders still possible?

You can still place orders in our online shop. Due to Brexit and the resulting customs clearance of goods the delivery times may be longer.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

Unfortunately, all shipments over £135 are subject to customs duties.
When receiving goods from abroad, recipients may have to pay VAT and duties. The VAT and duties will be applied depending on the type and value of the goods. For goods over £135, Royal Mail may collect the VAT and customs duties on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from the recipient prior to delivery.

What are the shipping costs?

Delivery costs depend on the order value:
Delivery costs vary depending on the order total:
Orders over GBP50 have free delivery.
Orders under GBP50 have a delivery charge of GBP8.95.
The new members of your schleich® family will be delivered by our logistics partner DHL. We use secure delivery to make sure they arrive safe and sound and don’t get lost.

What are the delivery times?

Found your favorite figure? Then you’ll have it in your hands within 2 to 7 working days of placing your order, unless otherwise noted. In exceptional cases, your chosen product may no longer be in stock when we come to process your order. If that happens, we’ll let you know straight away.

How can I return goods to schleich®

You can request and print your return label and customs declaration here.


  • Stick the return label on the parcel.
  • The completed customs declaration form (CN23) and a copy of the original invoice must be attached to the package in a transparent envelope.
  • Include the return form with the package.

    The deadline for returning your items is 14 days from receipt.

  • schleich® online store

    In which countries can I order directly from the schleich® online store?

    Tiger, sloth, or orangutan? It’s not just in the Smurf village and fairyland that there are exciting adventures to be had. Check out the schleich® figures in our online store for your own personal expeditions and voyages of discovery. You can find your favorite figure in Germany, Austria, France, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Canada and Spain.

    What’s the current status of my order from the online store?

    When is my new brontosaurus arriving? When will the fairies be landing? And when will Slothy the Sloth finally get here? Check your user account to see the status of your order. Your new playmate is already on its way to you.

    How much are the delivery costs?

    How many gold pieces do we charge for delivery? Delivery costs vary depending how many items you’re adding to your toy collection and where your new figures are traveling to. The page Shipping and Payment explains how it all works.

    How can I modify or cancel an order?

    Eagerly awaiting some new residents for your paddock? But maybe you’d actually prefer the shadow panther instead of the Highland bull? If you haven’t yet received a confirmation email, you can still modify your order. Simply call our customer service team.

    How can I return my order from the online store?

    You need to send Tom and Hardy the polar bears back home? No problem. You can return your order within 14 days free of charge to us. Request a print label here to print at home. You can find further information about returns here.

    Where can I buy schleich® products?

    From tropical jungle dwellers to magical fairies to mystical underwater creatures, schleich®’s famous figures are waiting for you in over 50 countries. Looking for a store near you? Our store finder will help you find the right horse for your paddock quickly and easily. You can also buy stone monsters, tractors, and all the rest on our online store.

    How can I search for a specific item on the schleich® website?

    Select the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the schleich® website. There you can search for item numbers or keywords.

    How can I place an online order?

    1. Visit the schleich® online shop and select your new schleich® favourites by clicking on the "Add to Basket button".
    2. Take another look at your new schleich® favourites in your shopping basket. Here you have the option to redeem a discount code. Is everything in your shopping basket? Then proceed to the checkout.
    3. Log in to your customer account now or place your order as a guest. As soon as you have specified your delivery address, an address check will be carried out to ensure your new schleich® favourites reach you. Make sure there are no spaces in your postcode and that your email address is correct.
    4. In the second to last step, you select your payment method and have the option of specifying a different invoice address. For payments with PayPal, for example, you will be directed to another page to complete your payment.
    5. As soon as you have successfully placed your order, you will see an order number in the schleich® online shop and will shortly receive an order confirmation by email.

    How long does the delivery take?

    Once you have placed your order, a diligent stone monster in the schleich® warehouse will pack your order – on the same or following work day. You will then receive a dispatch confirmation email from us, which also includes your tracking code. Your order will then be transferred to our dispatch partner and delivered within 2-7 business days (Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays).

    When will new items be available?

    Would you like to know if schleich® will be launching new ELDRADOR® CREATURES or a new HORSE CLUB playset in the next few weeks? Then the best thing to do is subscribe to our free schleich® newsletter. There you will find all the information about the release of new products, among other things. We also announce our new products on our social media channels. Subscribe to our newsletter now.

    When will my desired item be available again?

    Is your favourite horse from the HORSE CLUB or favourite from DINOSAURS currently not available?
    Your desired item will usually be available again within one to two weeks. Sign up for the one-off reminder email and you'll be automatically notified when your item is available again. You will find a button with a bell on the products. Click on the bell and enter your email address. You can manage your notifications in your user account.

    Do I need a schleich® customer account for an order?

    A customer account is not required to order in the schleich® online shop. It is also possible to complete your purchase as a guest.

    However, a schleich® customer account can make things easier for you:
    - Save and edit your delivery and invoice address
    - View all your current or previous orders
    - Track the current delivery status of your order
    - Create a wish list and share with your friends

    Is there a minimum order value?

    Please note the minimum order value of £10 if you only want to buy a small rabbit or an accessory.

    How can I redeem a discount code?

    You've probably seen one or the other schleich® discount codes. You can redeem them by pressing "Redeem Discount Code Here" when you view the summary of your shopping basket. You also have the option to redeem a discount code when selecting your payment method.

    Why can’t I redeem a discount code?

    Sometimes discount codes don’t work. First, make sure that the discount code is still valid and hasn’t passed the expiry date. The discount code may only apply to certain products or schleich® worlds, and is therefore not applicable to your shopping basket. Furthermore, a discount code may be restricted to individual countries.
    If you are sure you should receive a discount, please contact our customer service. Go to contact.

    Where can I specify a different delivery address?

    You can enter a different delivery address within your order. This is the first step after clicking "Checkout". Please make sure you change your invoice address when selecting your payment method.

    What can I do in the event of incomplete or damaged deliveries?

    Your farm or tiger got broken or went missing in transit? We do our best to ensure that all deliveries are complete and flawless without exception. If this is not the case, then contact our customer service directly. Go to contact form.

    Can I buy items that are no longer in the schleich® product range?

    Tiger, horse or lama. In our schleich® online shop you will always find the complete product range and even additional favourites. However, we can only offer items for a limited period of time. If you're lucky, your local dealer might have some remaining stock. Go to dealer search.

    What can I do if I forget my password?

    You can't remember your account password even after trying it several times? Click on "Forgot your password?" when you log in and enter your email address. In a short space of time you will receive an email from us, which will allow you to set a new password.

    Why was an item in my order cancelled or not delivered?

    Every so often the elves from BAYALA® sneak into our warehouse and hide their favourite toys from us. If an item is not in stock or available when processing the order, we will send you an email notification and a refund of the purchase amount.

    What payment methods does schleich® offer?

    We accept payments with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex and PayPal. Due to different address, identity or credit checks, we cannot always offer all payment methods.

    A lama tried to pay in cryptocurrency, but unfortunately we do not accept cryptocurrency.

    schleich® products

    What does the colored dot on the schleich® tag mean?

    Our figures come in a whole rainbow of colors: green, blue, red, yellow, grey, brown. Each schleich® figure has a colored dot on its tag, which indicates the price of the gigantic dinosaurs, wild jungle dwellers, and graceful mermaids.

    What materials are used in schleich® products?

    How does the T-rex get its sharp teeth? What are the giraffes’ long necks made of? We make our figures using various types of plastic and paint to get them ready for their imagination-packed adventures. We mostly use polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), as well as other plastics commonly used in toys. To ensure everything’s perfect for your trip to your nearest volcano or the fairy paradise, the companies that supply our materials must meet exacting quality standards. The colorful paints for mermaid fins, etc. are optimally tailored to the type of plastic to make sure they’ll survive every adventure intact. And even if the imaginary expedition goes a bit wilder, all schleich® products are saliva- and sweat-proof as well as abrasion-resistant, meaning they’re perfectly safe for kids to play with.

    How do I recognize a schleich® figure?

    From waddling penguins to the fire eagle, all the heroes in your adventure have a schleich® marking so you can tell at a glance they’re members of the same herd. The marking shows our company name and headquarters, the country of origin, and the CE symbol. It means there’s no danger of mixing up jungle and prehistoric creatures, as each figure can be clearly identified. And to give you complete certainty, all figures from the schleich® family also have one of our world-famous tags.

    Where are schleich® products made?

    Bubbling volcanoes, deep oceans, and dense jungles can be anywhere. Bursting with imagination, schleich® figures help kids create endless playworlds. Whether they’re produced in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Portugal, Tunisia, or China, all schleich® products worldwide are made using the same materials and to the same standards, including the toy safety directive 2009/48/EC and DIN EN 71. What does that mean exactly? It means the materials and production processes are exactly the same at all our locations, ensuring consistent quality. To make sure these standards are maintained, all factories are subject to regular, rigorous checks. The schleich® Group also requires all partner companies to be certified in line with the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, an initiative of the International Council of Toy Industries. The ICTI Ethical Toy Program ensures that certain practices are observed worldwide, including statutory working hours, minimum wage requirements, and a ban on forced and child labor.

    How are schleich® figures made – from the initial idea to the finished product?

    Every year, the figures in our playworlds get new friends and sets that expand their lives and spark new ideas and even more exciting adventures. They’re inspired by the natural world, by our work with international experts, and – above all – by kids themselves.

    It takes an average of three to four months between a design being finalized and the schleich® figure coming to life in kids’ playrooms. The figures’ unique, realistic appearance requires a lot of detailed work and painting by hand in line with exacting quality standards. That takes time, and we’re happy to spend as long as necessary to create products that excite our adventurous little storytellers.

    Before a product like the schleich® llama can begin its adventure, our designers carefully check photos, drawings, and specialist books. This research forms the basis for the design. Next, the designers create a handmade wax model with all the details needed to make the figure into an authentic llama. This stage takes two to eight weeks; on a horse, every single hair is applied individually. Then the specialists in our marketing, mold and tool-making, and quality control departments inspect the wax llama.

    If the llama passes the test, the mold itself can be created. Currently, around 600 wax models have been turned into precious injection molds made from a mixture of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper.

    For a perfect finish, the llama is given its own personal base color. Various pigment blends of the PVC base material are used to create a unique paint formula. All production materials are chemically tested beforehand to make sure the llama is not hazardous. The plastic granulates are injected into the mold in liquid state using a nozzle. Now the llama blank needs to wait a while to harden. Larger figures are immersed in a cool water bath, while smaller ones are cooled on cooling plates.

    The next step, when the llama is lovingly hand-painted, makes it feel very special. Only the giraffes often feel a little hard done by, since patterns covering a large area like their brown spots are applied by pad-printing.

    Finally, to mark the llama’s initiation into the big schleich® family, the famous schleich® tag with the red S is attached. And now it simply has to wait for you to take it home.

    How long is the warranty valid for replacing broken schleich® products?

    Is your cat missing an ear, or are there a few boards missing from a fence? We guarantee to provide replacements for all broken schleich® products, up to three years after they are discontinued in our catalogue. Simply get in touch with our consumer service team so that we can replace your damaged product.

    Can I buy replacement parts from schleich®?

    Even if the white mare’s favourite saddle has been lost, unfortunately replacement parts for the schleich® playsets cannot be purchased at present. If you have any further questions, our Consumer Service Team will be happy to help.
    Otherwise, please take a look at our accessories, you might find something suitable there. Go to accessories.

    Do schleich® products float?

    Our products are classic toy products, which means they are subject to different regulations from outdoor toys or bath toys. Generally speaking, schleich® figures and playsets are not designed for adventures in the bathtub. Whether your fire lion or delicate fairy will survive a dip in the water unscathed depends on various factors, such as the temperature of the water, how long they’re submerged for, what substances have been added to the water, and the effects of weather, which we’re unable to assess from so far away.

    What should I do if a schleich® product breaks?

    We guarantee to replace all broken schleich® products, up to three years after they are discontinued in our catalogue. To find out if your item is still under warranty, please contact our consumer service team.

    Where can I submit ideas for new schleich® products?

    We can’t get enough creative input, so we’re delighted whenever we receive an idea in the mail.

    Schleich GmbH
    Consumer Service
    Am Limes 96
    73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

    How can I clean my schleich® products?

    Our wild and not so wild animals and magical creatures prefer to shower with clear water and a mild detergent. If you then gently lather them by hand, even the gruff ELDRADOR® CREATURES purr like little kittens.
    What they don't like at all, however, are chemical treatments or aggressive solvents. Then their intricately hand-painted fur becomes really pale and flakes off.

    How do I find the item and set numbers of schleich® products?

    All our sets and figurines have a unique item number. Our T-Rex, for example, has the item number 14525 on its foot, where you will find a five-digit number above the barcode. With our sets the item number is displayed on the packaging.


    Whom can I contact?

    Do you have any questions or issues regarding your imagination-inspiring schleich® products that haven’t previously been addressed in the real world? Then don’t hesitate to contact the schleich® team – we’d be happy to help.

    Are there any job vacancies at schleich®?

    If you’d like to join our team of imaginative storytellers and designers, then check out our careers page. We look forward to receiving your application.

    How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    Are you sure you want to stop receiving amazing news from our playworlds, packed with magical fairies, prehistoric dinosaurs, and adorable cats? We’ll be very sorry to see you go, but if you do wish to unsubscribe it’s very straightforward. Simply click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any newsletter.

    Does schleich® have a factory outlet?

    schleich® doesn’t offer a factory outlet, either imaginary or in the real world. However, you can find our full and extensive range on our online store, which you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

    Is there a factory tour?

    Our magical creatures would be delighted to show you their birthplace. Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to visit it in Schwäbisch Gmünd. We currently don’t have the necessary tour guides to take you through our production facilities.

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