ELDRADOR® CREATURES – Creatures from another world

Regardless which world they come from – Lava, Ice, Stone or Jungle – the creatures from ELDRADOR® CREATURES have only one thing in mind: the super weapon!  

The world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES is waiting in suspense – who will win the super weapon? 

 The hot-headed dwellers of Lava World have the super weapon in their possession. Trapped deep in the lava rock, it is guarded by the mighty fire lion. This gives them power over the other worlds. Only if they can recapture the super weapon, can they save their own world. To stop the creatures of Lava World, the best and strongest fighters of the Stone, Ice and Jungle worlds have to go into battle. Will they manage to reclaim the super weapon from Lava World?  

 Experience monstrous fun and games with ELDRADOR® CREATURES – take the figures home with you now!! 

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  1. Eldrador Mini Creatures Series 1
    Eldrador Mini Creatures Series 1
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Lava World

The hot-heated creatures from Lava World have the super weapon. To retain their power they plan to flood the other worlds with hellishly hot molten lava. Can your young Schleich® fan stop them? 

Jungle World

Mighty paws, poisonous crystal thorns and razor-sharp vines...you won’t want to get monster gorilla, jungle monster and plant monster in a bad mood. 

Stone World

They are carved in stone: The armored turtle, rock beast and stone monster all want the super weapon! Solid as a rock, they won’t let anyone get past them

Ice World

Ice monster, snow wolf and ice dragon are cool as ice when it comes to fighting for power. Will the dwellers of Ice World manage to freeze the blood of their opponents in fear?  

Fun and games with ELDRADOR® CREATURES 

Monstrous fun to be had! In the world of ELDRADOR® CREATURES monsters from different worlds are competing for the super weapon! Who can conquer it and invade the other worlds?