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Alligators are easy to recognise because the teeth in their lower jaw are not visible from the side.
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19 x 5,9 x 3,7 cm (W x D x H)
Age Recommendation
3-8 years

Warning! Swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. Please retain this information.

Additional Information
The alligator is a dangerous predator with exceptionally strong jaw muscles. Only the white shark can bite harder than him. The interesting thing: Only the muscles that close the jaws are extremely strong. The muscles that open the snout are so weak that they can be closed with simple tape. Compared to the saltwater crocodile, alligators are smaller and much wider. They live only in rivers and lakes in the south-eastern part of the United States and China.

Fun Fact

From the side, it looks like the alligator is grinning.

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Alligatoridae
  • Global Home : America, China
  • Conservation Status : Least concern
  • Primary habitat : Permanent Rivers, Bogs
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